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Back in 2011 whilst browsing through some of my art archives I found a disc image called “Sensible Golf Editor”.  Of course I simple had to try it out even if I couldn’t remember how the thing actually worked!

Well it was a great idea at the time but I just couldn’t remember what keys did what and and more importantly how to get the saved level data off the disc image once written. You see the original game and editor used a proprietory disc format created by Chris Yates called SOS (Sensible Operating System),  it was used on all the Sensible Amiga games and could not be read via the normal Amiga operating system. Back in the day in order to read and write files to a SOS disc we had to use a custom boot disc which once loaded would give you access to the files. With this in mind I opted to use the more modern level editor known as Tiled which I’ve used on a few projects over the years.

It was fun revisiting my old tileset for Sensible Golf even though I felt a bit rusty in the process. For posterity I  screen recorded the process and have placed it here.
(By the way the original post from 2011 is here )

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