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About Me

Thanks for stopping by my little place in the digital domain, I appreciate your interest in my work and for taking the time to visit my site.

My name is Stoo Cambridge and I’m an artist and creative consultant based in South Essex, England. I’ve been creating art and computer graphics since the late 1980s and I’m probably best known for my work at Sensible Software, working on titles like Cannon Fodder, Sensible World of Soccer and Sensible Golf.

I work with a variety of mediums from traditional pencil, watercolour and pen right through to more contemporary digital painting techniques and methods including pixel art. Rather than write paragraphs about my work it’s easier to just show you, so If you haven’t already done so, please take a look at my galleries (Portfolio & Blog) to see more.

Work Commissions
I am always on the look out for new and exciting projects to be involved with that can utilise my many years of experience and expertise , whether it be a simple logo or a full project please do get in touch. Over the years I have worked with many different clients across a broad spectrum of industries  If you would like to get in touch I can be contacted via the contact me page or via the usual social media channels along the top of this site.

Life after Sensible has been quite the rollercoaster and I’ve had the opportunity to meet so many interesting people from all different walks of life. It wasn’t too long ago I was asked at zero hour to be a guest on the BBC Three Counties Radio show where I was a guest on their Level 23 gaming show. 

Just prior to this site going live I was commissioned by Neil from RMC The Cave to produce 70 pixel portrait commissions for his new Retro Tea Breaks Vol.1 book which incidentally I also appear in too!

I also produced a special edition Zzap! 64 badged version of my C64 Chips canvas for Chris Wilkins @ Fusion Retro Books as part of the Zzap! 64 2021 annual Kickstarter.

Amiga Addict Magazine
I also write a regular column for the awesome Amiga Addict magazine under the title of Stoo’s Views.

A Colouring Book
The Retro Group partnered with me in 2021 to publish the Colouring Book of Retro Computers  Volume 1.  This was a very fun project to work on as I was commissioned to design and illustrate 32 pages of retro tech including 4 full colour versions of these illustrations. One of these the Commodore PET was chosen to become the book cover too. 

My Shop
Talking of full colour illustrations… since the book has been published I’ve been chosen to give the full colour treatment to some of the illustrations and these are now available to buy as high quality poster and canvas art prints in my shop.

Contact Stoo

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