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Before I start this post I’d like to send out a big thanks to Quang from Asobitech for putting Danny (BBC Level 23) in touch with me without whom I would not have been a guest on the show – thanks man I appreciate it! (Quang is awesome by the way check out Mao Mao Castle which I had the pleasure of playing at EGX 2019 – if you love Space Harrier you will adore this! – Check it out >>>here<<< ).

So where was I…Ah yes...BBC Level 23 – I’ve given a fair number of interviews over the years; some in print, some on the web, some as audio and a few on video, so when I was approached by BBC 3 Counties radio to feature as a guest on their Level 23 gaming show I couldn’t say no could I.

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So what is Level 23? Well to be honest that’s exactly the question I asked myself; I have to admit I hadn’t heard the show before so was a tad unsure what format the show took. I don’t live in the BBC 3 Counties broadcast area and as for Twitch, well I’m a proper noob with it! After some quick research namely checking out the their Twitter and Twitch pages I was soon up to speed on the show and the format. Each week the guys talk about anything and everything relating to video gaming. A bit of news, what games they’re playing, even a quiz played with the invited guest along with a bit of Q&A for good measure.
How have I not heard of this show before? ?

Links to the BBC Level 23 Website here (audio) 1st hour only.

I set off for the studio late Monday afternoon, battling the rather horrendous weather, yep it was wet and rather miserable out and the standard of driving on the M1 was just as I expected. After an hour’ish of driving I arrived at the studio in Dunstable and met with Luke, Danny and the team. It wasn’t long before I was seated, fresh mug of coffee close by, headphones comfortably perched on my head, camera position adjusted, volume level checked and..well, that was it, we were…
3..2..1…we’re live! – Here we go…”Hello!”

Alas it appears the Twitch stream for this and many other episodes has disappeared. I’ve instated a backup video which I had the foresight to save beforehand.

Apparently this may not be viewable in some countries… *sigh*

The whole experience was ace, bonkers for most of it (which I love) but ace with it and a few times (clearly seen in the video) I was somewhat bemused – but it was great, I had a blast! Although it was bonkers I have to say the professionalism of Luke, Danny and the team was evident. Once the show had started the next 90 mins flew by and before I knew it the show had ended and I was saying goodbye, that was it! It was nice of the guys to say they would invite me back on and of course I would be more than happy to – perhaps I’ll take some retro gaming bits with me next time.

As I left the BBC studio and walked to the car park I wondered why there are not more video game shows on the airwaves or indeed on the TV? Is it due to the many Youtube channels doing just that, though far from the budgets afforded by TV production? Or the sheer volume of gaming Podcasts? Who knows, I mean it’s not like we have many gaming shows on these days, maybe if the audience figures for a show like this grow, it might inspire one to be commissioned. Now wouldn’t that be something… Over and out…(for now)

As Columbo would say…” Oh, there’s just one more thing…”
“Death Trap Dungeon the Video Interactive” adventure is almost finished YAY! After lots of very positive feedback we’ve been tweaking and adjusting it so it’s just right for final release – real, real soon. I plan to add a post on here soon once the game is complete.
Check out the Steam Early Access page here… >>Steam Early Access<<

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