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A selection of portfolio work spanning my career. 

The posts are not in any particular order and do not necessarily contain every piece of work associated with each respective project.  
This is a work in progress page as I prepare and catalogue my work files. 

I should also add the templates and design of this page is far from complete as are the portfolio pages.
They may contain typographical and formatting errors which I will be fixing in due course and many of the image galleries are

Please get in touch if you have any questions , I’ll only be too happy to have a chat.  Thanks! 

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This page is not Final

I’m still working on the final design and associated templates for this page so please excuse anything that looks a bit make shift or fails miserably. I will be fixing these as I go along in due course. Thanks!  

2024 June Update:
The Thumbnails below are broken! I’ll be fixing as soon as I get a chance to work on the site. – Stoo

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