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Wormhole Dungeon Rockin’ Tiles

If you’ve read my previous post from early March you would have seen I’ve been working with Tony Warriner on his rather lovely game project, Wormhole Dungeon. My job; add some tiles and make the game level graphics look good. After finishing the initial batch of graphics a month or so back Tony messaged me […]

Wormhole Dungeon

It greatly delights me to say I appear to have found myself working with Tony Warriner on his rather lovely game Wormhole Dungeon. But what is it you are doing on this game then Stoo? I don’t hear you ask… Ahh it be pixel art mate, more specifically I’m adding my touch to the game […]

Limited Edition Print

I’ve created a Limited Edition Canvas print for the excellent soon to be released documentary, The Commodore Amiga 500 Story: The Gaming Chronicles Episode 1. The print is exclusive to the campaign and will not be available after the campaign closes. So once it’s gone, it really has gone! It features your pixel portrait and […]


Yes you read that right, Lukhash album cover! What’s that all about then? Well I got a message from the incredibly talented Lukhash back at the start of April asking if I would be interested in designing an album cover for his new chiptune album ,CyberChip. WOW, what do you think I said? It wasn;t […]

Turbo Tomato

I had a fantastic time working on this project as it gave me an opportunity to create some print ready work for a physical box release of the game along with the logo and the challenge of taking the artwork and recreating it on the Amiga in 32 colours. The Amiga 32 colour Title screen […]

A chance Tweet – Web of…Terror?

I like how things sometimes just happen… Take this morning for example, I was just checking my Twitter feed, sipping my morning cuppa when I gazed upon a tweet from YORE COMPUTER. The tweet was showing an advert from the 11th issue of Zero Magazine 1990 – the advert was a game I had “helped […]

Retro Tea Breaks: The Book!

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Neil for his Retro Tea Breaks series last year which as a regular viewer of his superb channel was a real honour. So when Mr.RMC himself asked me if I would be interested in creating some pixel art portraits of selected guests for his new book I […]

Revisting the Sensible Golf Editor Part 2

Back in 2011 whilst browsing through some of my art archives I found a disc image called “Sensible Golf Editor”.  Of course I simple had to try it out even if I couldn’t remember how the thing actually worked! Well it was a great idea at the time but I just couldn’t remember what keys […]

One Armed Bandit Twice

Summer 2014,  I worked on a pretty damn fine slots game for iOS, sadly no longer available; here’s a few shots from it.I provided all the artwork and animations for these games with the majority of the art created in Inkscape with a few of the bitmap edits done in Gimp and effects for speed […]

Blobbit Push the 2nd

It’s been many years since the first Blobbit game came out and as many years again Mark and I have pondered on when we should work on it again. Neither one of us had the time previously  but the planets have aligned correctly somewhere in the Universe and we both agree 2016 is to be […]

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