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I Made a YouTube Playlist I did

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Well would you Adam and Eve it, I only went and added my recent Amiga 1000 colouring videos to a playlist! In my quest to become organised with this little off the cuff series born out of a social media poll a few months back on the subject of which machine should get the full colour treatment next. The choices were, the Sega Mega Drive or the Amiga 1000.

By a margin the A1000 took the crown and it was at this point I thought wouldn’t it be good to live stream my process, for those who like watching that sort of thing.

Of course being a seasoned non-streamer and vague YouTube uploader I was totally out of my comfort zone when reality kicked in and I realised I had never publicly done a demonstration like this before and as for the whole streaming malarkey well, that really was unchartered territory.

Fear ye not, after a bit of research it all seemed to be fairly straight forward once the pieces were in place.

  • OBS – CHECK!
  • Overlay Imagery – CHECK!
  • Ko-Fi Buy Me A Cuppa Integration – CHECK!
  • YouTube Live Link Stuff – CHECK
  • Headset and Mic – CHECK
  • What to say On Stream- ERM….
  • Are You Sure about this? – ERM.. Yeah I think so, it’ll be OK, CHECK!

At first I thought I’d just do what I normally do, which usually works out like this, I crank up some tunes, or I put on a podcast (usually The Richie Allen Show, or more recently Doc Malik ) and then once seated I just draw away to my hearts content!

But…I’m supposed to be narrating so all of the above are now NULL & VOID! I’m going to have to talk, oh dear! Anyway to cut this post short, I’m about to record my fourth video, which is bonkers as I was only planning on doing three , the first being the colouring in, the second being the base shading and the third being the final touches and last batch of detailing. What I didn’t anticipate is how long I ramble on for without actually doing much, or when I am doing my thing I’m demonstrating with narration but taking an age to do it! Both meant I have taken much longer to colour this up than I would without all the YouTube paraphernalia.

I’ve tried three methods so far, (FYI part 3 has just finished uploading to YouTube);

  1. Live Stream – Went on forever and I loved every minute of it. Productivity – about a 3!
  2. Pre-Record with post edit narration whilst viewing it – Much shorter Productivity – still 3!
  3. Pre-Record with live narration and proper Post Editing – Still too long, Much better, Productivity – 4!
  4. Record Segments, Edit Together, add Narration and Post Edit for short time – Productivity – TBA

So as I write this I’m about to record Part 4, which will be created as segments so I can time lapse parts, talk over the key areas and as a result make a much better, concise and less lengthy video. In Theory!

So here’s the aforementioned playlist in the title and I would very much appreciate a like and subscribe if this sort of content appeals. I’m not planning on becoming a full time YouTuber or anything like that,(starting to sound like Steve Benway! lol) but of course the more views and feedback I get the more encouraging it is for me to do more and become better each time.

I have to admit the drive to feed the channel with content is starting to take hold which means more art! Which is good I guess?


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