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Retro Island Diskettes Q&A

Posted: August 28, 2019 at 2:03 pm
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I’ve been a regular viewer of the Retro Man Cave and the equally excellent The Back Office Show on Youtube for quite some time, so when the chief cave dweller Neil asked me if I would be interested in appearing on the Retro Island Diskettes podcast I immediately replied with a resounding YES!

After I’d accepted I then thought… would I actually be able to choose 8 tunes to take with me on the Retro Island? How wrong I was, in the end I had to shortlist my selection! It was a very close call on a couple of the tracks but I got there in the end and one thing I must say is the process really filled me with joy. I’d not listened to many of these tracks for years so hearing them again brought back memories of when I first heard them. Ahh but it wasn’t just the music, no… but memories of the people I was with, family, friends and the associated good times, all from hearing a handful of video game tunes! How cool is that? – And back in the day they said video games were a fad! Yeah…Right!

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