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Windows10 PC Self Awakening

I’ve noticed a strange problem with my office PC of late, well I say of late it’s more like for the past year, the issue is very on and off. Sometimes it does this, sometimes it doesn’t with no real apparent notable reason.

At last! The new website lives!

What seems like an eternity of web development woes, which I should state was mostly down to my own inexperience of server side geeky techie stuff, the new site has finally gone live on this 26th day of October 2017. The old site will be removed and all future content will be added to […]

Titter ye not for I been mostly usingTwitter !

Over the past few days I’ve been using Twitter. I can certainly see the appeal of quick easy straight to the point updates of information. I registered ages ago but never really got into it, until now! As you can see if you glance over the to the right of this blog I’ve added me […]

Tron desk v1.1

After the rewire and attaching of the lights to the desk, power is now back on and my desk is no longer at the mercy of the Master Control Program! When I can source the parts my next trick is to turn the desk into a giant light box to aid my illustration work.  It […]

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