Interview: Retro Gamesmaster Part I & II

It’s a wonderful feeling when out of the blue you get an email from someone asking about your work along with a few follow up questions. One such email was from Peter over at the Retro Gamesmaster website. There was so much content to cover Peter split the interview into two parts. The first part […]

World Championship Soccer II Chat With MegaBite

Not too long before I departed from Sensible Software I was offered to work on a secret project for Sega. I’d already worked on the Megadrive so when I found out it was to create a side on football game based on the Sensible Soccer code, I couldn’t say no! I wrote briefly about this […]

Retro Gamer & GamesTM Interviews

So I did this interview recently for Retro Gamer magazine where I answered a few questions about my days at Sensible Software and the joys to be had creating art on the wonderful Commodore Amiga. Issue 94: Art Attacktasticles!!! Come to think of it the interview isn’t that recent now but just like the good […]

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