Retro Gamer & GamesTM Interviews

Retro Gamer & GamesTM Interviews

Posted: November 22, 2011 at 10:01 am

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So I did this interview recently for Retro Gamer magazine where I answered a few questions about my days at Sensible Software and the joys to be had creating art on the wonderful Commodore Amiga.

Issue 94: Art Attacktasticles!!!

Come to think of it the interview isn’t that recent now but just like the good old London buses you wait ages for one and two come along, so not only am I in the 94th issue of Retro Gamer I’ve also just given an interview for GamesTM who are doing a feature on us  bods at Sensible Software.

I believe this issue of Retro Gamer is still available on back issue for the sum of £4.99 + P&P. 

It appers links from the original post are now outdated and no longer work so I’ve set up a page with scans of the articles mentioned. For now here’s some thumbnails to look at while the page goes live….Issue 94: Art Attacktasticles!!!

Knock knock

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November 24, 2011at 4:09 pm

You need to tweet this so I can retweet it.

I believe that is the main point of twitter,yes?


Hobeka Stoo

November 24, 2011at 4:31 pm

I shall take your advice mate and will do so shortly. My reclusive mode flag has been set to on for too long recently.


Tweeting this tonight,(said in my bestest Kenneth Williams voice)
(Comment V2.0) lol


November 24, 2011at 5:34 pm

Also retweeted 🙂

Hobeka Stoo

November 24, 2011at 5:35 pm

Thanks Ash!

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