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Amiga 1000 Colouring Part 8 – Almost Done!

After the very long gap between part 6 and part 7 I have made a concerted effort to get part 8 recorded in between doing other things, you know like work ,life and the ZX Spectrum Next! – More on that later! I have been rather busy of late, actually I still am, but a […]

Amiga 1000 Colouring – Part 7 (Finally!)

It’s finally arrived, yes the long overdue part 7 documenting my journey colouring up my black and white illustration of the classic Amiga 1000 computer. Why has it taken so long? Well, I recorded the initial part of the video in January with the finished video planned to be uploaded by the end of the […]

Wormhole Dungeon Rockin’ Tiles

If you’ve read my previous post from early March you would have seen I’ve been working with Tony Warriner on his rather lovely game project, Wormhole Dungeon. My job; add some tiles and make the game level graphics look good. After finishing the initial batch of graphics a month or so back Tony messaged me […]

Dragon Bones – One last dance

As mentioned in my previous dev blog, the animation system used in Blobbit Push was created using a piece of software called Dragon Bones. At the time it worked great but over the years it appears to have been neglected by the developers. So much so that there no longer appears to be a download […]

Blobbit Push a 2024 Update

If you have been following the development of our game Blobbit Push you may of read Mark (Ripley) and myself picked up the reigns to the game again last year. Now you may be asking, why is it taking so long, what the heck have you been doing all this time? Well that’s a good […]

Colouring in an Amiga 1000 Part 7 (delayed)

If you have been following my Colouring in an Amiga 1000 YouTube series you may have noticed there’s been no updates for a while. Half of Part 7 was recorded and edited mid January with the last segment all set to be recorded early February, the focus being the external drive. That was until I […]

Wormhole Dungeon

It greatly delights me to say I appear to have found myself working with Tony Warriner on his rather lovely game Wormhole Dungeon. But what is it you are doing on this game then Stoo? I don’t hear you ask… Ahh it be pixel art mate, more specifically I’m adding my touch to the game […]

Datahits Rewound – C64Audio Free!

Back in those 80s when computer game music was often just beeps and blips, there was an emergence of a musical style which was notably recognised by the infamous C64 SID chip. I am of course referring to chip music, the computer generated soundtracks generated and played in real time using the onboard sound chips […]

Episode 6 – Colouring an Amiga 1000

The latest episode is now live, or soon will be in my series following my progress and process in turning a black and white line art illustration of an Amiga 1000 into something a little bit more colourful. This was recored over a perioud of about 3 weeks! I started the first part but time […]

Limited Edition Print

I’ve created a Limited Edition Canvas print for the excellent soon to be released documentary, The Commodore Amiga 500 Story: The Gaming Chronicles Episode 1. The print is exclusive to the campaign and will not be available after the campaign closes. So once it’s gone, it really has gone! It features your pixel portrait and […]

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