I was doing some updates to over the weekend and I found the coupons section after a quick read up on how they work.

Well , what can I say, how utterly brilliant! Once I’d worked out how to bring in a few graphical assets I then went about adding them all together to create a template for all future coupon pop ups. Thankfully the system I have in place for the website creates quite a lot of image assets for the product images. I brought a few into GIMP, chopped a bit here and cut a bit there and it wasn’t long before I had a nice background in place dressed up with a few CSS tweaks to create the final popup. Well pleased with the final result!

Once I’d set up when and where it was to do its thing the rest was just down to making sure the code was valid and that it tallied up with the expiry date of 1st March 2021 – Note to self remove pop up from site on that date!

Code: LAUNCH10
Enter this at the checkout and you will receive a nice 10% discount on whatever is in your basket! Nice one!

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