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Amiga 1000 Illustration Finished!

Yep it’s done!You can now watch the final part of my series, Colouring in an Amiga 1000, based on the illustration I originally put together for the Colouring Book of Retro Computers Vol.1! Which by the way if you fancy a copy of the book copies are still available at my shop here Now that the full colour illustration is complete there’s only one thing to do with it! Yes, that’s right offer it as a limited edition print, via my shop. I’ve opted to do these in 260gsm so nice and thick and in a really classy silk finish

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Amiga 1000 Colouring Part 8 – Almost Done!

After the very long gap between part 6 and part 7 I have made a concerted effort to get part 8 recorded in between doing other things, you know like work ,life and the ZX Spectrum Next! – More on that later! I have been rather busy of late, actually I still am, but a few early morning recording sessions and a couple of evening ones has yielded good progress, so much so that I’m confident the next episode will be making an appearance by the end of the month – if not sooner! I have also adopted a new

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