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Deathtrap Dungeon with Eddie Marsan

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The Steam page is up and the game is out (well in Early Access shall we say)! Is it a game though? I guess it is, but it isn’t, it’s a book – right? That may be true but what about if you could have the book read to you in such a way that he could be sitting right in front of youon say you phone, tablet or computer but read by a well known and loved actor. Right… but what if the narrator was a very well known actor shot professionally and with a full interactive audio visual accompaniment. OK so that’s a bit different to reading the book – right?

DO you remember the Fighting Fantasy series of books? I do so when Branching Narrative approached me to work with them on bringing the classic multi-million selling gamebook to a whole new media experience I just had to say yes! I mean it has Eddie Marsan narrating – Come on how cool is that?!

SO what was my job on the project? I didn’t think it would be much when I started, a few icons, a few small animations, a logo of sorts and that I believe was pretty much it. Ha ha


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