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Part 5 Already – A1000 in colour

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Part 5 of my video series following my process with colouring in an Amiga 1000 illustration I previously scribbled for the Colouring Book I worked on back in 2021.

In this episode I focus on the highly repetitive task of shading up the keyboard which through the marvel of time-lapse can be watched without the pain of seeing me go through each individual key, over and over again!

A side note about the editing process in this one. I switched over to using Kdenlive for all my editing from part 3, and I have to say I’m feeling very comfortable with it now. The process has been an absolute joy and I’m beginning to formulate a few ideas for the next drawing series which will introduce more content to the edits.

I was tempted to do that with this A1000 series but in with keeping continuity I’ve opted to keep the format and the look uniform to avoid any one part looking out of place from the other.

Please let me know hat you think in the comments and please like an subscribe if you enjoy my little series, it’s very much appreciated.

Credits are as follows:
The video was recorded using OBS, with post audio editing done in Audacity, thumbnails were knocked up in Affinity Designer and the whole thing was editing in Kdenlive which is utterly superb.
Audio was from Ovanisound and Dark Fantasy (through the proper channels as in I paid for them.)
Oh and last but most certainly not least, the artwork was created using Krita, with a Veikk A15 tablet.
Audio was (for now) recorded using a Microsoft LifeChat LX-3000 headset which does a surprisingly good job. I will likely invest in something more suitable in time.


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