Revival 2019 – WOW!

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I’m writing this a couple of days after returning from a rather fantastic event called Revival at the Walsall, West Midlands, UK.

Now as a rule (or not as there is no rule…) I’ve not been to any retro gaming events before, or made plans to attend any and that’s not for any reason, I just never put them in my diary and usually it’s too late for me to attend as I’ve got somethng else on. So when Chris (Wilkins – Retro Fusion Books) asked me if I would like to be on a Sensible Panel with my old mate Jon Hare at this years event I was delighted to say yes! I have family in the Midlands so logistically it worked out fine and though I couldn’t attend on the Sunday, being there all day Saturday was not a problem.

So what was it like, as a noob attending one of these shows for the first time? Well I really didn’t know wha to expect. I think the last “Computer” show I attended was back in the 1990s and before that I used to religiously go to the big London Shows like the PCW at Olympia and Earls Court – Oh and let’s not forget the brilliant Commodore Shows in Hammersmith where I used to spend hours around the Llamasoft stand. So I guess part of me was expecting something like that but on a smaller scale.
All I can say is I absolutely loved attending on Saturday!


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