Sega World Championship Soccer II

Sega Mega Drive

A secret project which was not subject to an NDA or any of that malarkey. The 3rd megadrive game I worked on and a bit of a strange one at that. You see, it uses a version of the original Sensible Soccer game code tweaked and twisted into a side scrolling arcade style footy game.

I won’t go over old ground regarding the background of this game here as I’ve already written a blog post about this which you can read here… Instead I’ll keep the details here solely about the game development side of this project.

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Working with Sensible Co-Founder Chris Yates I produced all the art assets for this game and together we worked on bringing this one out.
The sprites were the biggest challenge as I only had very limted space but with the nature of the game being an arcade side scrolling soccer affair they had to be a lot bigger than the ones Jon created for Sensible Soccer. The first hurdle was how ot best animate these bigger sprites with the same number of frames as the Sensi ones? Yeah, I did scratch me head a few times. In the end I adopted the old reverse slide trick where the frames will just ping pong. Oh and as a fan of Lovejoy I thought why not give them all mullets so it’s a team of them!

I stumbled apon the manual for this game during a search for video footage of the game. There’s a PDF of it over at

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