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Atari ST, Amiga (OCS)

One of the early games I worked on, a title very poor in the gameplay department. This was what I can only describe as a low end budget title and not a game I had any design input in.

I can’t recall how much I was paid for this one but I distinctly remember it being incredibly low and due to that fact I could only provide so much art for the money. Any requested extras that were not in the budget were either done using existing assets or were omitted altogether.

The title screen is a good example of an added extra that wasn’t originally budgeted for. I was young, keen and this is the first and last time I can recall ever being asked to use something that I didn’t originally design. You can probably guess the original title of the image I used as it was based off of a well known sci-fi illustration. I recall using a hand scanning from an illustration in a book, and then re-working it in Dpaint for quickness.

It’s a real shame that this game was so bad, as the idea behind it could have turned out a half decent titlet. Oh well, I was just starting out and learned a lot working on budget titles like this, 1991 was it really that long ago!

I plan to upload some of the assets if I find them but to be honest, what you see in this video is basically what there was.

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