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Battle Ball

I almost didn’t include this game here but I genuinely believe if it wasn’t for this one title albeit an

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Part 5 Already – A1000 in colour

Part 5 of my video series following my process with colouring in an Amiga 1000 illustration I previously scribbled for the Colouring Book I worked on back in 2021. In this episode I focus on the highly repetitive task of shading up the keyboard which through the marvel of time-lapse can be watched without the pain of seeing me go through each individual key, over and over again! A side note about the editing process in this one. I switched over to using Kdenlive for all my editing from part 3, and I have to say I’m feeling very comfortable

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Colouring in an Amiga 1000 (Part 4)

I think I’ve finally settled into a process that works for me. As mentioned in my previous blog entry about my journey into my video making antics I have learnt a lot in a relatively short time on how best to go about. For this one I think subsequent videos, I’ve taken to narrating as I draw but with time-lapse cues within my dialog. I can thus keep an eye on the recording time and the content I’m creating shouldn’t take too long. For these two videos, this process has worked really well, it not only reduced my rambling time

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