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Origins of the Blobbit logo and meanderings…

Posted: June 19, 2018 at 7:21 pm
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A 3rd Blobbit game has been on the cards for quite some time, we didn’t really plan it as part of some grand plan;  we knew when the time was right a game we would make. That time was late 2017, the game we started was Blobbit Push (1.5).

The very first Blobbit game

Before I write about what the third game I should mention the original game was just going to be called “Blobbit”. This changed not  too long after I’d finished creating the main sprite,  I started having all sorts of ideas about what this strange green blob was and the sort of world he inhabited. It was then we opted to call it Blobbit Dash, a very simple game that involved collecting lost Blobbit Babies and evading baddies, all played on a single screen. There were no levels as such, the game just kept getting faster and faster with each wave of baddies cleared. We didn’t even have more than a single background, it was quite sparse you could say but fun to play. Despite its minimalist design the base idea was there and this soon materialised into something with a bit more depth; Blobbit Push was born based unashamedly on Sokoban but with the addition of  baddies.  The naming convention felt right too, calling it Blobbit Push not only kept it under a single branding umbrella but also served to strengthen the IP if we later chose to expand upon it.

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