The Colouring Book of Retro Computers

Exciting news! I shall keep this brief, I’ve teamed up with Neil over at RMC The Cave to create a very cool colouring book of retro computers (and maybe the odd bit of associated tech too).I’m over the moon and greatly honoured to be tasked with creating all 30 (maybe more) illustrations for this book […]


Over at my shop I’ve uploaded the front and backend stuff to enable me to sell customised Footy Canvas prints at long last! To celebrate this fact I’ve also added a discount voucher code which runs until the end of 31st may 2021! Enter this code at checkout to receive 20% off everything, including Pixel […]

The Design Droid – Coupons

I was doing some updates to over the weekend and I found the coupons section after a quick read up on how they work. Well , what can I say, how utterly brilliant! Once I’d worked out how to bring in a few graphical assets I then went about adding them all together to […]

Part 5 Already – A1000 in colour

Part 5 of my video series following my process with colouring in an Amiga 1000 illustration I previously scribbled for the Colouring Book I worked on back in 2021. In this episode I focus on the highly repetitive task of shading up the keyboard which through the marvel of time-lapse can be watched without the […]

Colouring in an Amiga 1000 (Part 4)

I think I’ve finally settled into a process that works for me. As mentioned in my previous blog entry about my journey into my video making antics I have learnt a lot in a relatively short time on how best to go about. For this one I think subsequent videos, I’ve taken to narrating as […]

Colouring an Amiga 1000 (Part 3)

For this part I tried to record while narrating and it was pretty good but I still found I rambled on a bit too much for my own liking, see what you think! This is the third part of my journey into demonstrating my process in colouring an existing line art illustration from the colouring […]

I Made a YouTube Playlist I did

Well would you Adam and Eve it, I only went and added my recent Amiga 1000 colouring videos to a playlist! In my quest to become organised with this little off the cuff series born out of a social media poll a few months back on the subject of which machine should get the full […]

Colouring an Amiga 1000 (Part 2)

Join me as I continue to take one of my illustrations from The Colouring Book of Retro Computers and transform it from the world of black and white line art into something with a slap of colour. Not using a rainbow tape dispenser gun! This is really a continuation of Part 1, well it was […]

Colouring an Amiga 1000 (Part 1)

I did a live stream last night, it was surprisingly more fun than I thought it would be, so much so you could say I’m already planning out what’s next after I finish working on this one!I’m very new to doing this sort of thing and as I like to get things right I made […]

Cannon Fodder A Review

A rather nicely edited and very well presented video review of Cannon Fodder. Love the editing on this one and the inclusion of the well know sample in the game of “give us 10p mate!” Nice one Dave! Give Dave a sub too while you’re at it.

A not so secret message

I had forgotten about this, but it seems a few have found the hidden message in one of the screens I made for Cannon Fodder. Oops!

I’ve got a Ko-Fi Shop!

Ko-Fi has been one of those sites I set up but then failed miserably to do much with. After the initial adding a “Buy me a Coffee” button I pretty much left it as is until that is logged back in recently and discovered the website offers a shop facility and an added extra, the […]

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