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2023 A New Post

So after 2022 years we have made it to 2023BC. When did that happen? I don’t know about you but I’m still quite fond of some of those earlier decades. The 70s are a bit vague, the 80s are less so and the 90s are filled with lots of very eventful memories.

Retro Tea Break Interview

What a crazy situation to be in, you’re about to make a cup of tea then all of a sudden you find yourself sitting down having a Retro Tea Break whilst being interviewed about your life and your work – I say interviewed, talking with Neil is more like sitting down with a mate and […]

A new old interview.

An update to an interview I gave to the excellent Retro Video Gamer website a few years ago with answers to new questions and soem of the things I’ve been upto since. Please check it out along with many of the other excellent interviews and reviews too. Check the image link below… Lovely stuff.. RVG […]

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