Ant & Nic’s Cabin Fever

June 2021, I was having a conversation with Anthony Caulfield as we do every so often and he asked me if I would be interested in designing the artwork/logo for their new YouTube channel, which at the time was called Cabin Fever. No pixel art this art this time, full illustration time! I popped over […]


Yes you read that right, Lukhash album cover! What’s that all about then? Well I got a message from the incredibly talented Lukhash back at the start of April asking if I would be interested in designing an album cover for his new chiptune album ,CyberChip. WOW, what do you think I said? It wasn;t […]

The Colouring Book of Retro Computers

Where Can I Buy A Copy of The Colouring Book?If you would like a copy of the book I have very limited numbers in stock in my shop, once they’re gone they’re gone. Thank you so much for your support!Buy Your Signed Copy Here! A lot of my work is often related to pixel art […]

Turbo Tomato

I had a fantastic time working on this project as it gave me an opportunity to create some print ready work for a physical box release of the game along with the logo and the challenge of taking the artwork and recreating it on the Amiga in 32 colours. The Amiga 32 colour Title screen […]

Retro Tea Breaks – Pixel Portraits

I was honoured to be included as a guest in Neil’s Retro Tea Breaks Vol.1 book but to then be asked if I would be interested in creating Pixel Portraits of my fellow interviewees , well what could I say? I liaised with Neil on what I thought would work for the portraits and we […]

Deathtrap Dungeon

What a departure from the norm it was working on this project with Branching Narrative. One of the first tasks I ticked off my list was to create a logo as it was important to get some marketing art out there and what better way than with the games logo. Next up was how to […]

The Dwarves of Glistenveld

I had the pleasure of working with a great bunch of developers in my home county of Essex on this game. A lot of the graphics were already done but they were struggling to get the pixel art look of the dwarves sprites right. My initial job was to create the sprites for the dwarves, […]

ATV Quad Kings

ATV Kings Logo

This was a very straightforward project to work on as my involvement was solely to provide the GUI artwork for the game with a few simple menu animations. One of my favourite pieces I produced was the speedo which becomes covered in mud as the race develops. Though this was a relatively small job I […]

Indie Royale

The work I produced for the game bundles site Indie Royale during XXXX was at times challenging, as more often than not the game bundles were unconfirmed sometimes with only 24hours notice. This meant I had to work fast whilst retaining the established look and feel of the existing illustrations. Oh and top of that […]

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