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3D is now my best buddy, (this week anyway!)

       I’ve been spending an awful lot of time learning all about IPO curves and key framing this week, which you could say is all fine and dandy. Ahhh but the real smile factor comes from looking back over the past few days and seeing how this thing is starting to shape up, how it […]

An old Footy gif

Whilst trawling through some old files in my documents folder I came across a directory which contained a couple of old animated GIF’s created for past projects. Sadly both projects never saw the light of day but it’s always nice to see work files one more time before they get filed away for another couple […]

Blendertastic knicker elastic!

Development of the front end continues with the addition of my Rydek-12 illustration which is sitting inside Blender rather nicely now. Next step is to get the stars all key framed up and jiggling about doing  their thing. Just discovered a cool Blender material button located in the Material panel called ‘Shadeless‘ which is great […]

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