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Wormhole Dungeon Rockin’ Tiles

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If you’ve read my previous post from early March you would have seen I’ve been working with Tony Warriner on his rather lovely game project, Wormhole Dungeon. My job; add some tiles and make the game level graphics look good. After finishing the initial batch of graphics a month or so back Tony messaged me for some more, this time an expansion set on the background rock tiles I’d previously created.

(Wormhole Dungeon Post / March 4th)

The rock tiles were originally created to sit in the background and were nothing more than filler, but hang on, wouldn’t it make sense to have actual rock areas you, the player can walk through? Yes! Wouldn’t it make sense to have iron beams chiselled into the rock forming the actual walkways you interact with during play? Yes it would!

So that’s what I’ve just finished drawing. A set of tiles which can be used to create these rocky areas but with enough connectivity to be able to join up with the other platform tiles in the game.
Tony has kindly sent me a few screens to include with this blog entry. Cheers Tony!

If you would like to follow the progress of the game straight from the horses mouth then head on over to Tony’s Wormhole Dungeon dev log for more details.


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