Amiga Addict Issue 19

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Well, well, well what have we here… is it a pixel art cover on the latest issue of Amiga Addict, by jove it is!

Now there’s a little story associate with how this cover came about. I’d already worked on a version of this image to be used as a background for a new Pixel Portrait product for my shop, I hadn’t quite finished it but it was enough to get the general idea.

Jonah (AA Editor) emailed me and asked if I would be interested in helping out the magazine with a cover. Of course immediately this “Grenade Hut” image came to mind and after a brief exchange we ended up with the idea to have Jon Hare any myself on the front cover in Pixel Portrait style.

The final version of this artwork will be available to purchase from my shop in due course for anyone that may be interested.
(EDIT : Available Now )

Here’s the low-down from the AA website about issue 19.

ISSUE 19 includes:

  • The sensational Sensible Software! We get the inside story on this groundbreaking games studio from founding member Jon Hare, and legendary pixel artist Stoo Cambridge.
  • Free coverdisk download of Public Domain puzzlers.
  • New Amiga games Aquabyss, Luma and NEONnoir reviewed.
  • The best in classic gaming including Jimmy White’s Whirlwind Snooker, Hired Guns and a Turrican II remake.
  • Six Of The Best sees Neil of the Indie Retro News website pick his favourite Amiga games.
  • Amiga CD32’s hidden “3D chip”, the Akiko.
  • Next Generation Amiga web browsers and online utilities.
  • The Story Of The Guru Meditation Error.
  • Amiga Ireland event show report.
  • Sensible Soccer’s social club, London Calling 5.
  • Mega Lo Mania: The Forgotten RTS.
  • DJ h0ffman shows off the latest and greatest Amiga Demos in our Demoscene section.
  • Our regulars including former-Sensible Software’s Stoo Cambridge, Amiga news, User Groups, Classic Coverdisk Of The Month and readers letters.
  • Plus lots lots more..!



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