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A blog post about this erm…blog

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It’s the 21st February 2023 and I jsut added a portfolio section to this site. Originally I had my previous client work as part of the gallery section but this just doesn’t work when trying to differentiate between personal work and professional paid for work. Of course the answer was obvious, set up a portfolio section!
First job was to take the existing template used for this very blog post and rework it slightly to cater for my professional work related art.
After a bit of editing, mostly over the past couple of evenings perched on the sofa using the laptop with the final bit of editing done down here in the Stoodio, I can say the portfolio section of my site is now part of the site.
I removed a silly “hello” menu item from the main menu bar and have replaced it with a pointer to the new portfolio page. The aforementioned “hello” page has been merged with the re-worked “About” page.


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