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Jellyfin – Media Server

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For quite some time I’ve been toying with the idea of setting up a media server so that I can gain access to my media library from more than just my desktop or a shared folder via the laptop. It’s been one of those “I must get round to…” ideas that made itself at home in the back of my mind. So… towards the end of 2022 I spent an afternoon looking about that there Internet for possible solutions. I’m fairly tech savvy but no server guru so anything that required too much configuring was not an option. I found PLEX which looked okay, but then I found something called Jellyfin which really caught my attention.

Before I continue I should add that I do plan to build a proper dedicated machine for this task but in the interim I’ve opted to try a few things out on my Stoodio desktop. With that said I found a couple of videos on Odysee which showed JellyFin in action and also gave an insight into what was involved in setting it up. This was cool as it saved me a lot of time.

I took the plunge, installed the Windows build (Linux and Mac versions are also available) and set about the setting up process. It took less time than I thought and before I knew it was able to access the library via my web browser (Brave). Now this was cool, but… what I wanted to know is how does it hold up running on the ROKU or on my tablet? Well.. incredibly well is the short answer. I add the ROKU version and was really excited (I know, it’s a bit sad really getting excited over a media streaming server…) all my content appeared on the living room TV! Sorted!

So what next, well I installed the Android version for my tablet and like the ROKU version it worked like a charm. Wonderful!


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