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Zzap! 64 2021 Annual Kickstarter

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It is with great pride to announce I have teamed up with my old mate Chris Wilkins of Fusion Retro Books to bring you an exclusive art canvas presented as a tier level reward with the new Zzap! 64 2021 Annual Kickstarter campaign.

The 12″ x 12″ canvas features the iconic Commodore 64 set against a backdrop of schematic lines and 8bit chips including the SID, VIC-II and 6510 CPU. For the Kickstarter I re-positioned these chips so the Zzap! 64 logo could be incorporated into the design making this a one off exclusive!

To have my art associated with such an iconic publication is a real honour and one I am very pleased to be associated with.

Each of the 50 canvas prints will also be signed my me and I’m also including a personalised thank you card too.

A brand new C64 image, designed by legendary Sensible Software artist, Stoo Cambridge. There will be 50 of these 12×12 inch canvasses done, numbered and signed by Stoo. Stoo will be selling this image, without the logo, on his website in the future – for the Kickstarter, the price has been reduced, and the canvas will have a ZZap logo making it rather exclusive.

From the Kickstarter page

The art presented will be available after the campaign via my new shop (minus the Zzap! 64 logo) , The Design Droid along with many other related pieces.

>>>>>>> Check out the Kickstarter page here <<<<<<


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