I like how things sometimes just happen… Take this morning for example, I was just checking my Twitter feed, sipping my morning cuppa when I gazed upon a tweet from YORE COMPUTER. The tweet was showing an advert from the 11th issue of Zero Magazine 1990 – the advert was a game I had “helped out” on and I’d pretty much forgotten about it.

So immediately I thought I’ve got to retweet this! Which after doing so lead me to think, I wonder if my work files for this are in my archives…

…They were!

Including the file dates – 1985 is an error due to no clock on the Amiga.

Of course the next thing to do was convert the IFF files into a format I can work with, PNG is my chosen format so with the excelent XNView program I converted them all into PNG. Here’s what some of the files look like.

When I was brought into the project , I say brought in it was more like…

Can you have a look at the sprites on this game, see if there’s anything you can do?

The palette was already decided and if I’m honest it wasn’t the greatest choice of colours, but hey you do your best with what you’re given right?

So that’s Web of Terror which came out for the Atari ST and Amiga in 1990, I think it was near Christmas, though I could be wrong.

I’ll post links to the game and any other info in time. I should warn you it’s not a great game…No it really isn’t… You want to play it now I can tell, go on then but don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Thanks for reading.

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