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Light boxes used to be quite chunky – a light bulb inside a box with an opaque  panel to work on,  simple but effective. The one I used to use generated quite a bit of heat due to the incandescent bulb and had only one light setting, how things have changed looking at these new style models.

I bought this one for a project I was working on which required me to do a bit of tracing. It has 3 light settings, 4 if you include off which is great when working with different grades of paper and it uses a USB connector so you can power it from a USB battery pack, a charging cable or as I do from one of those power sockets with built in USB ports. The light diffusion is great with nice even coverage and the unit can be stored away without taking up lots of room – this A4 model is just under 4mm deep. 

As you can see in the photos it really works well with thick watercolour paper, enough for me to ink over my rough before finishing the final design with colouring pencil and fine liners.

I bought mine from Amazon, link below for the incredibly good value price of only £9.99! – I know incredible!

>>>> Check it out here <<<<

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