A 3rd Blobbit game has been on the cards for quite some time, we didn’t really plan it as part of some grand plan;  we knew when the time was right a game we would make. That time was late 2017, the game we started was Blobbit Push (1.5).

The very first Blobbit game

Before I write about what the third game I should mention the original game was just going to be called “Blobbit”. This changed not  too long after I’d finished creating the main sprite,  I started having all sorts of ideas about what this strange green blob was and the sort of world he inhabited. It was then we opted to call it Blobbit Dash, a very simple game that involved collecting lost Blobbit Babies and evading baddies, all played on a single screen. There were no levels as such, the game just kept getting faster and faster with each wave of baddies cleared. We didn’t even have more than a single background, it was quite sparse you could say but fun to play. Despite its minimalist design the base idea was there and this soon materialised into something with a bit more depth; Blobbit Push was born based unashamedly on Sokoban but with the addition of  baddies.  The naming convention felt right too, calling it Blobbit Push not only kept it under a single branding umbrella but also served to strengthen the IP if we later chose to expand upon it.

The original logo design for Blobbit

Start of something good.

The original logo for the very first Blobbit game, Blobbit Dash.

The first version of the logo created was quite basic but served its purpose  As you can seen here, the logo was based on a green splodge representing a splodgy character and the text was simply laid out on a bezier curve with some Photoshop Layer FX added to tart things up a bit. It was simple and took hardly any time to create. It did the job, (at the time).

Not long after I added “Dash” to the title of the game and that’s where the whole idea really started to take shape. Any games we develop with Blobbit in the title will  immediately become embraced under the Blobbit umbrella. This is the basis for all future Blobbit game logo designs. 2005 we released a simple version of Blobbit Push for mobile and web  and that was it for Blobbit ,  we left it there and moved on to other things.

Skip forward a few years, I think 2009. I started to think about what options we had with it. Could we bring it back? Should we bring it back?  The new array of tablets and phones were very enticing, HD screens were becoming the norm , I wonder if we should do a Blobbit HD game..  I started knocking a few ideas about in my head,  how would a new game look if we were to go down the HD road. Suffice to say it just didn’t feel right, so I left it.

A sketch of the new updated Blobbit logo, later used as a basis for the final logo used today.
The digital rough of Blobbit for the final pass of the logo.

New beginnings…

Roll on to 2012, March to be precise, I’d been doodling and sketched up a rough version of the Blobbit logo with the intention to vectorize it up using my staple vector package, Inkscape. (I had previously used Xara but that’s another story.)
The original Blobbit logo was created in Photoshop using a mixture of layer FX and digital editing, fine for lower resolution screens but in hindsight was really not ideal for future use, whether it be HD,  Print or generally in use for marketing. I guessed if we did at some future date want to relaunch Blobbit the first thing would be to create a new version of the logo that was truly resolution independent.  Rather than have the rubbish green splodge, what about having a Blobbit on there instead? The ideas flowed and so the new logo was created!

Almost there…

Fast forward to late 2017 and I dusted off the file, added in a few extra bits of shading and we had a logo ready to go. The new Blobbit Push game was started and with the logo in place from day one immediatly gave us something to work from.  You can see more of at the official Blobbit Push Facebook page A great place to read and see all the latest news on the game and if we’ve finished developing it yet!  Currently we’re planning to launch this as an Instant game so there’s no need to install it, just click and play from Facebook! Cool eh?

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The New Blobbit Logo

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