The Art of Little Bird Episode 1

The Art of Little Bird Episode 1

Posted: May 10, 2017 at 9:47 am
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Christmas 2011, the holiday season was about to begin.. I was just about to begin the slow down for the holidays, you know the usual sort of thing, mulled wine, ginger wine, mince pies, backing up my files, fixing things, you get the idea.Β  So mid-bite through a mince pie I’m offered a small project to work on, only catch is it needs to be started pretty soon. Something about needing to be done quick. Hmmm.. Tell me more I say..

So first question is, ‘what’s this all about then?’ Turns out the game is a physics based scrolling rollem’about skillfest featuring a little bird that.

I cannot take any credit at all for the design of this game (orΒ  the actual bird itself) as it was to coin a phrase, a ‘contract job’. But… I did design all the art seen in the game and redesigned most of the levels as the original concepts were a bit uncoordinated to say the least.
So first up… That Bird sprite… Yes it’s true although the art seen in the game was drawn by me, the actual design of the bird had nothing to do with me at all.
Originally we had the sprite given to us by the client but unfortunately it was quite low-res , so low-res infact that even a small scale up was looking rather poor. So the only option I had was to reconstruct the sprite from scratch using vector art so we could then use the image at any res on any screen and save endless hassles along the way.

First up is the game logo which like many of the ideas I have appeared one day to me whilst sitting drinking a nice mug of tea. So what did I do, I didΒ  a quick sketch and tried to come up with something that was approachable, friendly and showed that the game really was for all ages, boys and girls, but not birds as they don’t play games, do they?

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