New Website in Development

Hello, Stoo here.


I guess you may be wondering where my website has disappeared too? Or perhaps not? Either way, this is the lowdown on and what's planned.


With the development of my shop (The Design Droid) this personal website of mine has become a bit of a chore to maintain. Now don't get me wrong it works and has served me very well indeed, but... over the years it's became a bit of a hack and I should have known better! Updating the backend stuff has become a task, the short of it is I just don't have sufficient time to do it without fear of breaking something! 


As we approach March 2022, I made the decision, (off the cuff) to revamp the site and make it a bit less aggravation for me to maintain and administer.


I don't know when it will be ready but once I've got the framework sorted with the new design templates it won't be too long before it will be up and running again. I've got a rough idea of what I want it to look like, come to think of it won't be too dissimilar to what was there before, just tighter as a design. 


I'll try and update this page as I go along. In the meantime please check out out my shop and social media feeds for more stuff!




Update 8th April 2022

I've been so busy of late I've not had a chance to spend any time working on the updated site design. I think a week of full on development is needed soon to get the thing moving. 

I 'll post back as soon as I have something to say. In the meantime please check out my shop if that tickles your fancy!

Update 10th March 2022

The site design is well underway, mostly in the evenings whilst perched comfortably on the sofa!

The revised look is pretty much in the bag and I've migrated about 80% of the content to the new templates. With that said I've got quite a busy schedule currently so I expect more progress on the site to be made later this month. 

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