I often feel obliged to write something here when there’s nothing to write other than endless meandering dribbles of uninteresting facts about this and that. Today however I decided I would write something, so here’s some text… oh hang on a mo…. I’ve already finished….Oops…
Here’s a pointless sketch about arrows..

The wit that follows will astound, amaze and have you scratching something in bewilderment, hopefully your head but anywhere else is fine…(hang on again.. erm you really should have that looked at don’t you know.. eww looks kind of… infected..doors over there… yep see ya…(phew))

I should remind you , yes you with the wild eyes, iPhone, you phone, we phone, who phone Blobbit is still going strong it’s just on hold until Mark and I finish our contract jobs. Then it’s manic dev time again.. yay taday tomorrow and last week!

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