What?? HD art for iPad?? Oh…..Erm… right then..

What?? HD art for iPad?? Oh…..Erm… right then..

Posted: April 13, 2010 at 7:05 pm

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I’ve been rather busy ofย  late creating, converting and tweaking various art assets for inclusion into Blobbit iPush. Some via Unity as rescaled sprites, others taking the form ofย  new 2D & 3D art, not bad! One thing I didn’t really want to do just yet is take on the seemingly mammoth task of up-scaling the original game art to iPad and HD resolutions. Arghhhhhhh!!!
Ok well perhaps that’s a bit of an overreaction but with a looming deadline for the iPhone version on the horizon and time at present being very precious for me a bit of thinking was called for.ย  Ponder, ponder…

Here’s a tree from the Sand Sludge Bog level, or to quote from me book, a G’Wahlah’lahlah tree. This version is from the original Web game and was drawn in ProMotion a few years back in good ol’ retrotastic pixelvision.

Now then, how do I get that scaled up from 25 or so pixels to something that is probably going to push 60 to 100+ without loosing definition and quality? Scale – No. Apply some fancy filters – No. Vector art the sucker – Yes!!

So after a short fiddle with me Wacom pen and a few reference pixels I think I’ve sussed it.

Not only does the new version look clean and crisp it is also totally resolution independent meaning I could use it on the iPhone version too if need be. Niiiice!!!

(Shadow edge is pants, I know) lol

What? No... Surely not.. Oh yess indeedy deedy dee...
A little test anim to pass the time today

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May 8, 2010at 10:17 am

Now if only MK was vectorised!

Hobeka Stoo

May 8, 2010at 10:21 am

It's certainly on my 'to do' list as I really like the character design I did for the original game. Would look rather nice as a proper illustration I reckon.

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