Box Droid Concept Prototype 001 Sketch

Box Droid Concept Prototype 001 Sketch

Posted: March 9, 2010 at 11:17 pm
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Late 2006 I started designing the sprites for Blobbit Push  and one of the characters I came up with was a small droid known as a Box Droid which later became a series of droids all based around the same box like design.

With the new game in development and the totally separate but loosely linked book on the back burner I wanted to create some proper art for the Blobbit characters. There are various reasons for doing this but the main reason unquestionably is I just want to see these characters visualised how I imagine them rather than as 48×48 pixel sprites. Of course having proper images also helps to create 3D versions and will also do wonders for marketing the game(s) later on.

Anyway here’s the initial pencil sketch I did of the Prototype Box Droid with which all other Box Droids were based upon. I suppose you could say this one pre-dates the sprite version seen in the games. Initially drawn on Saturday afternoon over a cup of tea or two, proceeded by the finished illustrated version Monday. Cheers me dears!

Design & Images (C) Copyright Stoo Cambridge 2006
A little test anim to pass the time today
Is there anybody out there?

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