The Final Conflict

Atari ST, Amiga (OCS), PC

Another game that featured early in my career was a title based in sorts on the board game Risk, which is game I have to confess I’ve still not played!
I’ve made no secret of the fact that I’m more your arcade blast everything sort of gamer, over the more strategic take your time, and plan out your next move strategy game player. That didn’t put me off working on this one, and I am to this day pleased with how it came out. It was early on in my career so looking at the art today I do have to think, Hmmmm I would have drawn that different, but it did the job and marks part of my journey.

One thing I totally forgot about was the very fact that I had reworked the graphics for two IBM PC versions of the game. The original graphics were drawn for the Amiga at 320×256 (PAL) with consideration for the Atari ST version at 320×200. The Atari version was then used to create a 4 colour CGA set of files which was a challenge as the palette is awful, if you know what CGA looks like. The EGA version wasn’t quite a bad but the fixed palette of 16 colours was just that, fixed! It;s early PC after all! I seem to recall talk of a VGA version but I cannot find any reference to those files at the moment. I’ve included a few of the PC files here for comparison, I apologise for the eye-strain in advance!

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